An Hour With You

Rose Of Distinction

I walked along a winding path,
By nature's splendor surrounded,
My eyes recognized pure beauty,
Where the velvet roses abounded.

I stood in awe at a single flower,
Its blossom towered toward the sky,
Displaying such exquisite majesty,
A lone beauty in grandeur so high.

Yearnings crept deep inside my heart,
More of the picturesque rose to know
This treasured flower doth capture,
The heart of all who pass where she grows.

Hesitantly I go from the pathway,
Leaving my spirit alone with the rose,
Overcome by a tremendous sadness,
Part of my soul remains in nature's grove.

Gayle Davis
February 3, 2004
Written for a real life Rose
A royal beauty in the garden of life



Midi playing "Breathless" is from

Used with permission.
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