~ An Hour With You~

Rose Glow

The rose I see from my heart,
Is beauty within and without,
It holds a special place in life,
Of this there is no doubt.

In the center of the rose,
Is a beautiful shining light,
Filled with friendship's love.
It glows e'er so bright.

I love this rose of God's garden,
It gives forever from it flower,
Sharing God's blessing with all,
Fulfilled with heaven's power.

The rose shines for all to see,
It is a beauty of God's choosing,
Gives of itself to others with love,
Gains treasures without loosing.

God bless this beautiful rose,
Maintain its garden of love,
Give sight to this mortal beauty,
Under guidance from above.

Gayle Davis,
October 6, 2004©

Sunshine you are the rose from God's garden.


Music: "You're Always There"

By: Rhesa Siregar, Paul Gentry and Elton Smith