~ An Hour With You~


She's a rose among thorns of many,
And serenity is not hers,
Yet tearfully she seeks harmony,
Awaiting love sadness stirs.

She's a beautiful rose in the breeze,
A little lonely after years,
But she listens to God with heartsease,
Her love's near so calming her fears.

So now her heart has sweet dreams again,
But no love to be for her still,
All that remains is Oh Lord explain,
Why a rose among thorns until?

For her soul will never be content,
What's in the mind e'er carries through,
I see her heart begins to resent,
How these lonely wasted years grew.

Oh she's a lovely rose in the midst,
Of thorns and e'er so trusting,
Where's the love that truly exists,
Sweet dreams departed adjusting.

Disappointment reigns and lives e'er now,
No longer is faith in her sight,
Without love to be why anyhow,
Is it a rose among thorns plight?

©Sondra McPherson
September 2, 2004




Music: "Sweet Dreams"

Sequenced By: Don Carroll
Permission Granted