~ An Hour With You~

Romance Of Memories

In the innermost part of my heart,
I remember sweetness with you,
Oh how it all still lingers within,
A romance of memories true.

Surely you know I'll always love you,
I can see your face in the breeze,
And your smiles so kissing my closed eyes,
My romance of memories tease.

Oh try to remember our first kiss,
And love's shyness we both did sense,
Even beautiful moments in time,
Keeps romance of memories tense.

True, there's no clarity in my thoughts,
But why you went away that day,
I can't help feeling you loved me too,
It's romance of memories way.

I will always surrender my all,
My heart, my love, my everything,
Just to have my dreams of you in time,
Our romance of memories sing.

©Sondra McPherson
August 22, 2004





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