~ An Hour With You~

River of Love

God gives to me great rivers,
Flowing in His love,
He keeps the waters flowing
From the heavens above.

My Father is the Creator,
All things through His hands must pass,
He gives to us in permanence,
Godís gifts will always last.

He withdraws not what He has given,
For He makes no error,
Willingly He shares His blessings,
Oft times with special fervor.

Throughout the years the river grows,
As I become closer to my Savior,
Iíve learned to reach for His precious love,
Basking in Godís overwhelming favor.

The blessings showered oíer my soul,
Rain down to flow in the river,
Adding love to the waters of life,
Created by the Heavenly giver.

Gayle Davis
April 30, 2003 ©





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Music: River Of Glory

Sequenced By Bob Sorem  Used With Permission