~ An Hour With You~


Early in the morning
By the edge of the sea,
I sit in deep thought,
Reflections of you and me.

I remember the first time,
I saw your handsome face,
I stood in awe of the gentleness,
With sweet affection enlaced.

Your actions drew me to you,
Like a fish to the briny sea,
I wished to know more,
Closer I wanted to be.

The touch of your hands,
In greetings exchanged,
Set off bells loudly ringing,
Forever is seemed they clanged.

A lifetime of love we shared,
A sweetness beyond imagination,
A union made in the heavens,
Blessed by the Lord's sanctification.

In reflections, I revisit the time,
Shared by the two of us in love,
You have departed to the heavens,
But our love remains rooted above.

Gayle Davis
November 1, 2003

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Midi playing "By The Sea" By: Bruce Deboer
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