~ An Hour With You~

A Red Rose Beauty speaks love to me,
Sent to us for God's Own delight,
Beautiful vividness shall e'er be,
Deep purity that so invites.

This Red Rose Beauty calls, loves, and grows,
E'er whispers life's sweetest love song,
Magnificence rings hearts and flows,
Oh love Jesus, to God belong.

Heaven's Treasure spoken forth for us,
Is Love's Red Rose Beauty that lives,
All for us and His Name is Jesus,
Oh He's beautiful, He forgives.

How He wakes us in Red Rose Beauty,
A wisp of His sweet scent e'er flows,
And the red shall always be to see,
Love's sweetness which He bestows.

I glory in God's Red Rose Beauty,
How I savor and relish so,
For the Lord gave His Life so we'd be,
Alive just for Him and so grow.

Grasp a Red Rose Beauty in your hand,
Gently, for its petals will fall,
Just as the Lord took our place, we stand,
E'er ready to meet His Love Call.

©Sondra McPherson
August 21, 2004

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Music: Bread and Wine

By: Larry Holder and Elton Smith
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