~ An Hour With You~

When days seem to get you down,

and tears you cannot hide.

Just reach out to Jesus...

Solace, He will provide.


When frowns are outnumbered,

by smiles you'd rather see.

Reach out to Jesus...

for He, will bring you glee.


You feel you have hit bottom;

No answers come your way.

Reach out to Jesus...

He'll hear you as you pray.


When you're sad and feel forlorn,

and no one is by your side.

Reach out to Jesus...

With Him, you can confide.


Rest assured that He would be,

the answer you’ve been seeking.

Just reach out to Jesus...

and listen as He is speaking.


Ruth Ann Mahaffey

©copyright 2004











Painting is used with permission from Alan Giana.


Music: "Reach Out In Love"

By: Elton Smith and Elizabeth Tolson
Permission Granted