~An Hour With You~

Raindrops on His Roses

Looking out my window
Seeing raindrops on his roses
Looking for my loved one
Heís been gone from us so long

My love has gone away
To fight in a war for freedom
Leaving me and our children
Saying we are worth fighting for

He bought me this lovely rose bush
A beautiful shade of pink
To remind us of his great love
Saying he will be home real soon

My children donít understand
Why their Daddy has gone away
They know it was for freedom
Now they look out the window

See raindrops on his roses
I know the angels are crying
Because their Daddy is far away
My children and I pray everyday

He soon will be back with us to stay
Until he comes back home to us
We will watch the beautiful rose bush
With raindrops on his roses

And feel his great love

©Donna J. Kramer
Jan 4, 2005


Music: "Singing In The Rain"
Diversi-Tune Midi Files
Sequenced By: Bill Basham
Used With Permission

Assembled By: Donna