~ An Hour With You~

Rainbow Love

Love is like a rainbow,
Containing many tones,
Some are warm and gentle,
Some are pretty alone.

Love is far reaching,
It can the universe span,
But unlike the rainbow,
Love is created by man.

The colors of the rainbow,
Come in many different hues,
The colors of your love,
Are determined by you.

I found my rainbow of love,
With all the colors therein,
My pot of gold under the rainbow,
Was the very heart of him.

I do not have to wait,
For the falling of the rain,
To see my precious rainbow,
My very essence he maintains.

The pretty colors gather,
To form the rainbow’s arc,
My love’s special gentleness,
Creates an everlasting spark.

While the colors of the rainbow,
Stay the same over time,
My rainbow is very versatile,
With a love, that forever twines.

Gayle Davis
January 6, 2003 ©




Music: "The Rainbow Connection"

Sequenced By Jack Hall~Permission Granted