~ An Hour With You~


Pure As A Dove

There is One whose precious love,
Courses through my every vein,
Since I met this special Friend,
My life has ne’er been the same.

He cleansed me from the inside out,
Left nothing impure in His wake,
A recreation upon my soul,
My loving Jesus erased all mistakes.

He has restored me to heaven’s purity,
Forgiving and making me whole,
Replacing unwholesome thoughts and deeds,
Jesus has purified this poor mortal’s soul.

Made white as the new fallen snow,
Jesus resides inside me, for e’er my love,
He washed a sinner’s stain marred heart,
I am His child made pure as a dove.

One Day I will stand face to face,
To greet the One that set me free,
Until the time heaven beckons me onward,
I will live for my Jesus, come follow with me.

©Gayle Davis
August 28, 2004


Music: "You'll Never Walk Alone"

Sequenced By: GlowCanPick
Used With Permission