The Power of Prayer

They are our Father's warriors,
An army armed with prayer.
You may call on them anytime,
Because they're always there.

Serving God in prayer for others,
With prayers that are sincere.
They pray with faith and do not doubt,
That God above does hear.

Prayer requests come from near and far,
From some they may not know.
Each one they hold close to their heart,
As prayers from them do flow.

Requests come from all walks of life,
None are too big or small,
This mighty army of our Lord,
Prays for one and all.

I thank my Father up above,
For those He calls to pray.
May He grant a special blessing,
Upon them every day.



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"The Prayer Warrior"
by Danny Hahlbohm

Look for Danny's new book also a great one
Visit his site for more beautiful art
Used with permission

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