~ An Hour With You~

Praise God, He Loves Me

Praise God and Hallelujah,
Glory, Jesus has made me free,
He left my sins upon the cross,
Giving me cleanliness anew.

Christ is the great forgiver,
I am a sinner redeemed,
The wonderful feelings inside,
Are greater than I ever dreamed.

Oh, He washed away impurities,
Putting Salvation in its place,
I reach toward the Heavens,
Basking in Godís precious grace.

He stretches forth His massive hands,
Affectionately, guiding my way,
I praise Him for His devotion,
As I travel onward day by day.

Jesus Christ is my Blessed Savior,
I walk hand in hand with my Lord,
He clears the obstacles from my pathway,
I am under the power of a spiritual sword.

Gayle Davis
August 5, 2003©


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I Praise You, My Father

by Elton Smith and Larry Holder
Permission Granted