~ An Hour With You~

Image above entitled "God Cares" ©Sally Holt

Please Carry Them

Lord as I think about the many,
Who are taken so very young,
Those whose time it was not quite yet,
My heart grieves for sad songs still sung.

Oh such wretchedness grasps grieving loves,
I feel their loss and pain that stays,
And I can’t help but pray, "Hold them Lord,
Please carry them along always."

Oh I’ll know they’ll never be alone,
For Your compassion is with them,
Every day, morning, noon and all night,
You walk them where the Light’s not dim.

Allow Your sweet fragrance to breathe Lord,
Enfolding them with Your Essence,
Only from You comes this Divine scent,
Please carry them with Your Presence.

My tears are falling this moment Lord,
Because I know Your sweetness lives,
As I followed the scent of a rose,
You showed me it was You who gives.

‘Tis Your Preciousness that walks with us,
Your passion carries sweet warmness,
I’m thankful Your soothing touch ‘bides so,
Please carry them in gentleness.

*Dedicated to Dee and Melva*

©Sondra McPherson
December 17, 2004

Music: "Memories"
Music by Margi Harrell
Used With Permission