~ An Hour With You~

Petals and pearls soft and delicate,
Sweet roses with heavens dew,
Run through my heart with summer moonlight,
Thoughts of you I wish could be.

Beautiful and lovely are white pearls,
Lustrous gems as they're enlaced,
‘Round my neck by your hands united,
Thoughts of you and me are graced.

Love's pink petals falling at my feet,
With a rose scent in the air,
Hold me in summer’s love song as I've,
Thoughts of you I'd love to share.

And I know rose petals with fine pearls,
Could have been mine just with you,
When in the moonlight I see your face,
Thoughts of you play as I view.

While I look at stars sparkle like pearls,
As the dew in the night falls,
I can touch the sweetness of your love,
Thoughts of you ever enthrall.

Petals and pearls beloved enchantment,
Captivate my heart and soul,
How I recall these summer treasures,
Thoughts of you e’er make me whole.

©Sondra McPherson
September 8, 2004


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Music: "Summer Place" Theme

Sequenced By: Don Carroll
Permission Granted