~ An Hour With You~

When sorrows fill your heart please make a call,
Pray to Jesus, He knows you're stressed,
For out of darkness comes the light for all,
Never forsaken, always blessed.

And you will feel His sweet loving caress,
Yes you will know the Lord's Glory,
Precious and sweet is the Spirit Noblesse,
He is your hope, your Love Story.

When you're so tired and weary needing rest,
Or sad and brokenhearted too,
Reach for Jesus, Oh let your heart be blest,
Out of darkness comes the light through.

And He will take fatigue, tiredness away,
Yes His soothing comfort you’ll greet,
How He quickens new life in you that day,
He is your strength, your song so sweet.

When you have maladies keeping you down,
Never lose hope, look high and seize,
Miracles of healings in faith, be sound,
Out of darkness comes the light’s breeze.

When you are lost and know not what to do,
Call Jesus, He’s the only One,
And only Way to seeking the Light too,
For He's Salvation, He's God's Son.

©Sondra McPherson
November 15, 2004

Image used is from SXC

Midi playing "Seeking The Light" By: Bruce Deboer
is copyright © by

Used with permission.
Please go and buy his music.