~ An Hour With You~

Our Cross To Bear


Early each morning as I awake
Wondering which path shall I take
Will this be the day happiness I'll find
Or again will it be, only in my mind

We all have a cross that we must bear
Some will deny it, but we know It's there
Many wear a mask we can't see through
But in the end, what good will it do

For I can hide from all of you
But from myself, that I can't do
Spend some time with someone you love
We never know, when we'll leave for above

Tell a friend what they mean to you
It's their friendship that brought you through
Show some kindness to all who's sad
You may be the only friend they ever had

Take the time to look around
Still much happiness can be found.

Ron Hall
Copyright 2000-2004
All rights reserved by author.


Music: "Just As I Am"
Music by Margi Harrell

Used With Permission