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Although I'm alone and my journey is long,
there's a place where my heart wants to be.
Everyone else went the other way . . . .
but that isn't the way home for me.

For I must press onward and never give up;
In life, that is just how things are.
And one day I know that I finally will reach
my home, that for now seems so far.




There's a bank up ahead in the shade of the trees,
where I hope to find quiet and rest.
Then onward I'll go again and again
to that place that my heart loves the best.

Onward and forward with no time to lose;
I'm closer with each passing day.
Sometimes it's tempting to turn back again,
but for me there is no other way.

But I am so tiny---the world is so big
and there's dangers I don't want to face.
Then Jesus says, "Go! For I am the Way,
and I'll give you the strength and the grace."

So onward I go despite all my tears,
toward the place where my heart longs to be.
Tho' many may travel the other way. . . .
it isn't the way home for me.

Cheryl Taul


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