~ An Hour With You~

One Pink Rose

I stood in line at the counter,
Awaiting my turn to pay,
I overheard a little voice,
Softly pleading it did say.

I do not have any money,
But this rose I wish to buy,
Little lips began quivering,
Dark brown eyes began to cry.

I know I am a child,
Just a wee bit of a girl,
But mister my mommy,
Well, she is my entire world.

I can pick up the trash,
And sweep the dirty floor,
I can mop a little,
Iíll work and work some more.

I was standing around the corner,
When I heard, the doctor speak,
You will be very lucky to last,
Even the rest of the week.

My mommy loves the pretty roses,
She says by Jesus they are blessed,
And of all the colorful roses,
She loves the pink roses the best.

The storeowner picked up the child,
Tenderly he held her little frame,
The sound of sobbing filled the room,
None of us would ever be the same.

He gathered up a bundle of roses,
The deepest pink that has ever grown,
Handed them to the precious little girl,
With a compassionate feeling strong.

Take these to your loving mommy,
Today they are completely free,
Tell her when she reaches heaven,
To put in a good word for me.

Gayle Davis
November 9, 2003©

Music: "The Rose"

Sequenced By: Harry Todd
Uses With Permission

23 June 2002.
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