On The Wings Of Love

On the wings of love
God's glorious Angel
Is flying toward heaven
With two golden wings

Reaching out her lovely arms
To glorify her Lord, God Almighty
And his blessed son, Jesus Christ
Who are filled with undying love

The beauty of her flowing gown
With the brilliance of a golden halo
Moving her lovely golden wings
Flying towards the gates of heaven

Flying home with great love
Headed home on the wings of love
Having completed a job given her by God
Which gave her great happiness and joy

While choirs of angels
Are singing a glorious song
Of praise, love and honor
For God and his glorious son

Hearing the beautiful music
Leading her on her journey home
As she continues on, using her golden wings
To fly home on the wings of love

Donna J. Kramer
Nov. 28, 2004




Music: On The Wings Of Love

Sequenced By: Jack Hall
Permission Given




Assembled by: Donna