~ An Hour With You~

Oh The Joy

Oh the joy of awakening,
To a morning filled with light,
The brilliance of the sun,
Highlights Godís foresight.

Oh the joy of living,
To sustain yet another day,
Filled with Godís pure love,
To speed me on my way.

Oh the joy of Heavenís blessings,
Showering upon me like the rain,
From the moment, I found my Lord,
My life has not been the same.

Oh the joy of receiving Christ,
As the Savior of my soul,
Guarantees me a mansion in the sky,
Filled with treasures yet untold.

Oh the joy of being Godís child,
Is greater than I can impart,
He walks with me each passing day,
On each journey which I embark.

Gayle Davis
July 15, 2003©

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