~ An Hour With You~


Oceans Of Blessings

Oceans of blessings are waiting for you,
Let God open your eyes and see,
His Brilliance of Light will shimmer all new,
Oceans of blessingsí purity.

Godís Light of glistening beams are now shone,
Over and all around each wave,
Such priceless Glory throughout shows Godís tone,
Oceans of blessings ever save.

God tastes the trouncing and thrashings thereof,
Lifeís storms that scorch and fire dismay,
As waves of life leap high grasp for His Love,
Oceans of blessings are Godís Way.

Just as the ocean waves glimmer with light,
So are you to be the same too,
Believe and receive as your prayers take flight,
Oceans of blessings await you.

Let the Lord well oíer you, He clarifies,
His light does shine white purity,
His Divine Touch electrifies,
With oceans of blessings so free.

©Sondra McPherson
August 25, 2004







Midi playing "By The Sea" By: Bruce Deboer
is copyright © by

Used with permission.
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