~ An Hour With You~

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Enjoy an hour or two all by rhyme,
In an ocean of love that brings,
Inspiring streams of life so sublime,
Bask in a wave of joy that springs.

Living waters of God inspire all,
As you current An Hour With You,
Beautiful words of life mount and fall,
In an ocean of love so true.

Gaze on interludes in life in kind,
Intertwine with the rhyme or prose,
Breeze thru the tides of time and unwind,
Be washed in the scent of a Rose.

Beauty enhances an hour or two,
In an ocean of love that sings,
A refreshing glow of light bathes thru,
Streaming An Hour With You on wings.

©Sondra McPherson
07 February 2004


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Music: "Ebb Tide"

Sequenced By: Ted Keener
Used With Permission



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