~ An Hour With You~ 



Gently I open the door,
Looking inside to peek,
I hear the words softly said,
"Watch O'er me as I sleep".

I see her kneeling there,
The bed is her altar,
She is asking God to lead,
To show her when she falters.

She ask for divine guidance,
Her words thrill my soul,
I am humbled by the little child,
In prayers, heart feelings told.

I stand and harken the words,
Sweetly spoken to our Lord,
Asking to be kept beneath,
Heaven's protective sword.

I listen as tears fill my eyes,
My heart is filled with pride,
To hear the child beside the bed,
Speak an allegiance she'll abide.

I slowly close the door,
Leaving her in her prayer,
As she thanks Dear Jesus,
For giving her love to share.

Gayle Davisİ
December 11, 2004

Music: "Jesus Loves Me"
Magical Musical Place For Children
Performed by: Grandpa Schober
Used with Permission