~An Hour With You~

Not Christmas Time Again



Not Christmas Time Again

It's that time of year
When we put up our Christmas tree
It's a job in which we share
I always hang all the ornaments

My sweety, always attaches the lights
He hates it more and more every year
Checking out every single strand
Making sure every light works

Honey, gee do I have to really
Do this job again this year
How about not putting lights on
So I don't have to check
Each and every light on every strand

Oh sweety, don't you know how much
I really love our Christmas tree
But honey, without the beautiful lights
It just wouldn't be a lovely tree

Well, I guess I better attach the lights
Cause now I just came to realize
Jesus would really not like it
If we didn't have a beautiful Christmas tree

©Donna J. Kramer
Nov. 10, 2004







Commissioned By: Moon and Back


Music: We Wish You A Merry Christmas

Permission Given By: Bob Sorem



Assembled By: Donna