~ An Hour With You~ 

No One


There is an empty bed,
At the table is an empty chair,
When I walk through the house,
There is no one else there.

Silence fills the room,
Where once we used to talk,
When the sun begins to set,
There is no one to join me for a walk.

The easy chair you filled,
Is meaningless without you there,
Reading a book or watching TV,
There is no one with whom to share.

The loneliness I feel,
In bed every night,
I used to recline in your arms, now,
There is no one to hold me tight.

Sobs rapine my body,
Tears flood my eyes,
As I cry myself to sleep,
There is no one to extinguish my cries.

Gayle Davis
January 24, 2002

Music: "Long Lonely Nights"
Redsal's Midis
Sal Grippaldi, Redsal
Musician, Composer, Digital Sequencer
Sequenced By: Redsal
Used With Permission