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My Teddy Bears

If you were to come and visit me,
There is something it would not take long to see.
If you look around you would see a teddy bear,
Not in just one room they are everywhere.

There came a time not too long ago,
And I knew I must not let my feelings show.
I gathered all of my teddy’s and put them on the floor,
“There is a job you need to do and you know the score.”

“I have heard there are small children the police go to see,
Where there is fighting or strife in their family.”
“I need volunteers but you will all need to be strong,
This is a special job and nothing must go wrong.”

“I love you all, this I am sure you already know,
But you must join the Teddy Bear Police Force so we can show.
We can be there for these little ones,
Whose hearts are filled with sorrow and are having no fun.”

“They don’t understand what all the shouting is about,
Their little knees shake with fear and they want to cry out.”
I gathered up my teddy bears, I didn’t realize there were so many,
I filled up two large bags, there were going to be plenty.

I headed to the police station downtown,
And said a silent prayer to God for some help to be found.
I would never be able to get them where they belonged,
Then through the door walked a policeman, so big and strong.

I shared with him my plight,
To get my gift to the small children who were out of sight.
The little ones who needed them so,
He said, “Come with me, I’ll show you where they go.”

Now my teddy bear story comes to an end,
But if you’re ever lonely or in need of a special friend.
Get your self a teddy bear they will always be there,
With you or someone their special gift to share.

Brenda Sparkman
November 26, 2003©

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