~ An Hour With You~

My Spirit Flies

In the darkness of the night,
When all is still and I am alone,
I hear you gently calling my name,
My spirit flies from me to you,
Seeking love, gently offered again.

My heart pulsates at the memory,
Recalling sweet evenings of bliss,
I feel your arms surround me,
My spirit soars across the expanse,
In search of exotic love it is you I see.

Come to me my tantalizing lover,
Fill my body with gestures so grand,
Beneath the stars and waning moonlight,
My spirit arises to claim what you offer,
Fulfillment upon grand scale we surpass tonight.

There may never be a tomorrow,
Time could stand still, we would not know,
Through the enchantment of the evening,
My spirit is no longer mine to own,
You have taken it in love claiming.

Gayle Davis
April 15, 2004



Midi Playing is "Awakening"
By: T. J. Moir Used with permission