An Hour with You

My Special Friend

I have a special Friend,

Jesus is His name,

Once you've met my special Friend,

You'll never be the same.

He will heal all your heartaches,

Ease all your pain,

You life will see the sunshine,

Instead of all the rain.

He will still the troubled waters,

Give you peace within,

He will wash you garments white as snow,

Cleanse you of your sins.

He'll satisfy your hunger,

Fill your heart with love,

He'll feed your soul with manna,

A gift from God above.

He will set you on a narrow path,

Where only saints have trod,

He'll pray for your protection,

By the mighty hand of God.

Life will not be easy,

As you travel down this road,

If you will give my Friend your cares,

He will carry the heavy load.

When you have troubles and trials,

He'll help you along the way,

As you learn to trust in Him,

Your faith will grow each day.

Come, hold His hand and walk with Him,

To your heavenly home,

You'll live with Him for eternity,

He will never leave you alone.

May I introduce you to my special friend?

Sherrell Hadden




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