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My Raggedy Ann Doll



My Raggedy Ann Doll

Grandma made me a Raggedy Ann
When I was only four
She was so cute and pretty
She became my very best friend

I never let Raggedy get dirty
Wanting to keep her very clean
Cause Grandma made her
Out of Grandma' great love for me

When I turned five years of age
I had to go to Kindergarten
I asked my mommy
Can I take Raggedy Ann
To school for show and tell

Mommy said don't know
You love your Raggedy Ann so
What if something happens
And you don't have her anymore

Mommy finally let me
Take Raggedy Ann to school
Teacher made us put our toys away
Until it was time for show and tell

Someone took my Raggedy Ann
She left me her dirty Raggedy Ann doll
I cried all the way home from school
Mommy just held me in her arms
Telling me everything would be OK

Mommy and I went to school the next day
Told the teacher this is not my doll
I finally got my Raggedy Ann back
I knew I would never ever take her
To school ever again

And I never did
Now I'm twenty-two
I still have my Raggedy Ann
She's still cute and clean

I really love Raggedy still because my Grandma
Made my beautiful Raggedy Ann Doll
Now Raggedy always reminds me everyday
Of Grandma's great love for me

Donna J. Kramer
July 11, 2004










Music: Playmate

Permission Granted
by Margi Harrell


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