~ An Hour With You~


To my daughter ..Candace! I Love You!!

~ My Precious Gift~

At the early age of twenty two,
My whole life began to change.
I had no idea what lay ahead,
That things would never be the same.

With a tiny being, placed in my arms,
That instant I could see.
This precious gift from God above,
Was sent from him to me.

I held her in my arms that day,
As I looked into her eyes.
We bonded at that moment,
As I listened to her cries.

They were only cries of hunger,
Ones I knew I'd never tire of.
For I felt God sent an Angel,
To share with me, her love.

When she was just a tiny tot,
She was timid as could be.
I couldn't imagine what lay ahead,
For not only her, but me.

She grew up fast, not needing much,
Only accepting what we gave.
I never had to worry about things like,
Whether or not she would behave.

At nineteen years, she gave birth,
To a beautiful baby boy.
I know that he was sent from God,
And that he'd be our pride and joy.

When he was only three months old,
God took away her strife.
He sent the father of her son,
So they could start a brand new life.

They lived with us until he was five,
Then moved out on their own.
God gave me peace within my heart,
Knowing her family would be strong.

At twenty nine some bad news came,
That caused us so much stress.
When that tiny being, God placed in my arms,
Found out that she had MS.

She accepted it with so much strength,
I could never comprehend,
She looked at me and spoke these words,
"God knows what we can stand".

As tears ran down my face that day,
I lifted her name in prayer.
I knew the instant that I prayed,
God had taken her in his care.

When she chose to have another child,
My thoughts went in a whirl.
But our God, knowing all our needs,
Sent her a precious baby girl.

This was a blessing from above,
For he knows what lies ahead.
She said without this child he sent,
I'd only be taken to my bed.

We lift our prayers to him above.
In Jesus name, God's Precious Son.
For without his strength from day to day,
This race on earth, we could not run.

My daughter means the world to me,
I hope she'll remember from the start.
The day God calls me home to him,
She'll be with me in my heart!

Dedicated to my Daughter in March, 2002.
~Darlene Owsley~
Copyright 2002

~~A day without Jesus is like a kite without a tail~~



Music:  "Music box Dancer"
Magical Musical Place For Children
By:  Eugene Hayek~Copyright by Eugene Hayek
Used With Permission