~ An Hour With You~


My Precious Child

The love I hold within me,
Goes higher than the sky,
And deeper than the sea,
This is the love I hold for you.

There is no pit too deep,
Roadway too far,
Or mountain too steep,
That My love canít touch you.

It can pass through all things,
Dark and dense surrounding,
It echoes with a resounding ring,
My love will always find you.

When you are saddened and depressed,
Feeling hopeless and forlorn,
Within your heart you can find rest,
This love of mine is all powerful.

Shake off the dejection,
Look straight ahead,
You wonít find rejection,
With My love comes assurance.

Walk tall and straight,
Move steadily onward,
Words you donít need to relate,
My love sees into your heart.

Gayle Davis
October 31, 2002 ©



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  Music: "Nothing Would Be Without You"

By: Rhesa and Elton
Permission Granted