An Hour With You

My Ode to You


I've started perhaps a dozen poems

And seem to get stumped right away

There always seems to be so much

That I feel I want to say


Where do I start? I ask myself

As my mind wanders over the years

And before I know it, once again

I find myself in tears


We are such special people

On that we both agree

Without a doubt, there is

No one exactly like us ... you and me


Im so grateful for what I have with you

Crumbs, some would probably say

But I know that I carry deep in my heart

The epitome of love each day


I've heard it said that only once

Does a love like this come along

How sad it is to realize that

Not all are privileged to "sing" this song


So what can I write in a poem to you

That would touch your heart in a special way?

I know!  I would like to say that my love for you

Will last forever ... plus one day!


So there you are, my Precious Love

These words come straight from my heart

The same heart that is one with yours

That keeps us together although we are ... apart



Copyright Susan Bromen




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