~ An Hour With You~



My Love Went Home

My nights have become so long
My days have turned to loneliness
Since you left me all alone
Without your loving protection

You were the light of my life
Without your loving care
I donít think my love
I will be able to carry on

For our love was like the flower
That bloomed and blossomed
From the warmth and light
Of Godís true love

Now you are gone, my heart
God has taken you from me
Taken you to a better place
A place of beauty and joy

Now my love I need a friend
I feel I am in troubled waters
For without your love, my love
My life has no meaning and purpose

For I need to be close to you
To hear your gentle words
Feel your loving touch
Your warm breath upon my cheek

I know there are angels crying
For our lost love and the loneliness
That has entered my heart and soul
For my love I know, I canít be
Close To You anymore

But I know you are looking down
With love in your heart and your soul
Protecting me from the loneliness
And the heartache and pain

For we promised my love
Whoever God took home first
Would be in the sunshine and stars
And though the wind would whisper

Words of gentle love and protection
For you said my love that forever
You would always stay close to me
For you, have always been my sunshine

But now that the Lord, my love
Has taken you home
Please save a place for me
For when God brings me home

©Donna J. Kramer
Dec. 6, 2004





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Music: I Believe In You And Me

Sequenced By: Jack Hall
Permission Given



Assembled By: Donna