~ An Hour With You~

My Living Angel

God gave me a special angel
And little did I know
This angel was a treasure
More valuable than any gold.

I have yet to meet her in person
Or even shake her hand,
But God put both of us together
Out here in computer land.

She has a very loving caring nature
Her thoughts are pure and kind,
She is the kind of angel friend
That everyone would love to find.

I want you to know my dear angel
Like the stars that shine at night,
Your soul is full of beauty
And it glows beyond delight.

Ann HartŠ
Dec 14th 04,

For My Internet Angel Gayle Davis
Who Has Blessed My Heart In Every
Way, I Love You Gayle. Merry Christmas







Music: "Voice in the Wind"
Words and Music By:
Rhesa Siregar/Paul Gentry
Used With Permissioin