~An Hour With You~

My Little Sweet Pea!

Little Tiny Sweet Pea
She's one of the friends
Of the three in a pod group
She's cute, little and silly

With a active witty disposition
Which gives everyone a sense of joy
A feeling of being surrounded by love
Whenever she is in her pea pod

Little Sweet Pea flies around
Sharing all her love
Looking for a lonely person
Sitting all alone, needing a friend

A sad little child
Whom no one will play with
Because they look different
But they just need to be loved

A man who has to be always right
To make himself  feel important
But really has no self confidence
So he judges others

The elderly man and woman
Who feels no one respects them
Or needs them anymore
Tiny Little Sweet Pea

She will be there always
To shower them with her love
After a very tiring day
Little Sweet Pea goes back
To her pea pod to rest

Donna J. Kramer
Sept 2, 2004


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