An Hour With You


My Heart Is Aching


I've tried, oh, so hard
to make it work
But you walked away
By just some quirk

You say, you feel nothing
But I see sadness in your eyes
You stay away for years
For you, my heart just cries

I love you, my dear family
I always have and always will
I hurt so for you inside
I have to tell my heart, "Be still."

I need to *let go and let God*
I feel such a loss, not seeing you
I alone cannot fix it
My life is so empty and blue

I long to have you in my life again
Please, can't we try once more
Won't you please reconsider
Before you shut that final door

Life is just way too short
God meant for us to love one another
There's not much more precious
Than the love of a sister and a brother

If you would only talk to me
And tell me what you feel
If we could communicate and hug
It would help our relationship to heal

Won't you please reconsider
Before it's way too late
We are getting on in years
And reconciliation shouldn't wait

God meant for us to be there
And always love one another
I can honestly say
I love you, my sisters and brothers

Each day I give thanks
For each and every one of you
I pray that God will heal all
For now that is all I can do

Author: Delilah M. Haas
Copyright: 2-15-04





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