~ An Hour With You~


   My Heart  

My heart, only for you, is waiting,
Youíre my one true love to be,
And I truly can hear you stating,
Within my heart's door, weíll see.

While I sit here roses near my heart,
Flow the scents of lovesí sweetness,
The love of you to me is the part,
Within my heart's completeness.

My heart is filled with lovely thoughts still,
I know you want to love me,
Itís only anticipation till,
Within my heart's door, you'll be.

If you look closely into my eyes,
You will see I love sharing,
I will give you all that you surmise,
Within my heartís more caring.

My heart you will see as I see yours,
Deep down I do feel this need,
I pray your heart will meet my out pours,
Within my heart's door, and lead.

Pray us to be as God has spoken,
Our love meets and soars and grows,
From me to you, I give my token,
Within my heartís door, love flows.

©Sondra McPherson 

September 17, 2004







Music: "Tara Theme" ( From-Gone With The Wind)

Sequenced by: Don Carroll
Permission Granted