~ An Hour With You~

My Different Coloured Roses

I send to you, roses my friend
To remind you everyday,
Just how special you are to me
In a very special way.

Each rose has a different colour
That has a meaning of its own,
Each one has a different beauty
From special seeds that were sown.

The white rose stands out for peace
Unique and very fair,
And a reminder of the peace of god
That he sends to us down here.

The yellow rose stands for beauty
With a splendor, of delight.
Reminding us of sunshine glow
And stars that shine at night.

The pink rose has a tender look
With a beauty "oh so fine",
It reminds of a loving God
So tender and so kind..

And then we have the red rose
The queen of all the rest,
Reminding us of gods great love
That He gives us the very best.

Each colour has a beauty that's rare
And I send them to you today,
To remind you each of us are special
But all in different ways.....

Written By Ann Hart
Oct 18th/2004

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Music: "Heaven of Beauty"
* Jalal's Original Musical Compositions *
Composed and Sequenced by Jalal Ali
Used With Permission