~ An Hour With You~

My Daddy

I had an earthly father
His name was Johnny Crew.
God filled him with a wondrous love
Enough for me and you.

My daddy had a full life
He lived eighty-nine years.
And, even though he's home with God
It doesn't stop the tears.

My daddy's loving spirit
Brought everyone such joy
The best way to describe it
Is "a child with a new toy".

I wish that I could hear his voice
I'd love to feel his touch
Just to see his smiling face
Would mean so very much.

One day in the future
I'll be with him again
We'll finally be together
And my broken heart will mend.

©Rebecca Ann Rence
December 2004

In Loving Memory of My Daddy
Johnny Crew

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Artwork: courtesy of Broderbund

Music: "Comfort"©
* Jalal's Original Musical Compositions *
Composed and Sequenced by Jalal Ali©

Used With Permission