~An Hour With You~

My Christmas List

My Christmas List

My friends and family
Ask what's on my Christmas List
Is it diamonds, pearls, silver or gold
Roses given with love throughout the year

On my Christmas List
Are many precious things
Not diamonds and pearls
Not those silly kinds of things

Peace on our earth
For all our loved ones and friends
Plenty of love that can be shared
Around the world

Patience and kindness
Understanding and joy
Feeding the poor, visiting the elderly
Letting them know someone cares

Cradling in your arms a sad lonely child
Letting them know someone still cares
Giving them some clothes and a toy
Which lights up his or her eyes with joy

My Christmas List
I would be glad to share with you
For maybe it would make the world
Better all year through

©Donna J. Kramer


Music: A Christmas Thought
Midi "Lost Lagoon" issued with Permission

Copyright ©2002 Geoff Anderson


Assembled By: Donna