~ An Hour With You~

When I think of all the glory
That is waiting for me up there,
A place with no more heartaches
And a place with no more tears.

No more will there be valleys
That always keep you down,
No more will there be heartaches
That always linger around.

There the sun will always shine
And sweet peace to fill the soul,
And there you will hear the angels
Singing on streets of gold.

No more pain to ever break you
And leave you out of control,
No more strife to ever harm you
Just new beauty to behold.

And who shall reign but Jesus
In that heavenly land so fair,
And all His faithful children
Who are living today, down here...

Can't Wait To Meet You All Up There!

Written By Ann Hart
July 27th 2004


Music: "In All Our Dreams"

By:  Elton Smith and Lorraine Gordon
Permission Granted