My Special Friend

A special friend God gave to me,
And one that means so much.
You are so kind and thoughtful,
And have a caring touch.

You have always helped me through,
My very hardest days.
You're like a ray of sunshine,
With your sweet and funny ways!

There is no greater joy I know,
That God could ever send.
Or a greater treasure he could give,
Than to give a special friend!

You are such an inspiration,
With all the things you do.
I thank my Father up above,
For a special friend like you!

Happy Birthday!

Written especially for Lady Gayle,
My Special Friend

August 2, 2004




Performed by 
Yuko Ohigashi
Click on her name to visit her site and learn more about this
remarkable young woman.  The song is entitled YOUR SMILE.

March 13, 2003