~ An Hour With You~

In a small white satin box,
trimmed in delicate lace.
So worn, old and fragile,
it's once broken clasp replaced.

"Memories" in letters of gold, atop,
hand written and meticulously wrote.
Held within it's simplified elegance,
a lifetime of dreams and hope.

Cherished treasures of the heart,
carefully arranged inside.
Numerically cleansed by tears.
so mournfully and lovingly cried.

Tattered birthday cards, little trinkets,
a lock of walnut brown colored hair.
A tarnished broach reads "Mother"
embedded, one single lone solitaire.

Loved irreplaceable faded pictures.
of someone dear, that I once knew.
An angelic face with brown sparkling eyes,
the picture aged and covered with a light soft hue.

Unfeigned sincere happiness,
reflected in her infectious smile.
An authentic humbled soul,
meek and modest was always her style.

She lived a virtuous life,
her spirit was funny, resilient, and spry.
And truthfulness as well as honesty,
came in a great abundance supply.

With a soul filled voice like an angel,
Oh how, she could sweetly sing.
The feeling of peacefulness and comfort,
to me it would certainly bring.

Her love unconditional,
so kind, tender and caring.
Within her embrace,
came security and assurance unsparing.

As time promptly passes me by,
silent secret thoughts persevere.
Mom lovingly, missing and wishing,
that you, were still here.

Within this white satin box,
priceless treasures unlike any other.
Holding it closely and tightly next to my heart,
are the only mementos, of my....
Memories Of Mother.

Elizabeth Ann Bushey
May ~ 9 ~ 2006


Heaven Sent
"Happy Mother's Day Mom"



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