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Happy Mother's Day

Mothers always find the time to give
Their love shines through each day
How we treasure all the memories,
Her love lives on in our hearts to stay.

We celebrate Her Special Day
Showing thanks for all she's done
She taught us values to love and care,
A Mother's love we will always share.

How does Mother get all things done
She just works and toils until setting sun
Sets the example for her children to grow,
Will brighten the days as her love unfolds.

Mothers grow weary and tired from care
She talks to God as her burdens she shares
Praying always for patience to do the right,
Prays for her children, and kisses good-nite.

We say thanks for, Mothers who trusted God
For strength and grace with Him she trod
God reaches down with His loving hand,
To keep her strong and help her stand.

Through many deep waters our mother has gone
Dark days of sorrow, pain, she endured,
Upon Jesus she leaned in her distress,
Though rivers of sorrow, her heart He blessed.

Mothers still do many things to please
But her heart gets broken, to God she brings
All the hurt and care that comes her way,
And God's amazing grace, He sends each day.

2005 Bernice Ward

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Music: "Love Has Many Faces"

Original Composition And
Performance By: John Torp
Used With Permission
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