~ An Hour With You~

Forever in my heart is your love,
And the sweet look in your kind eyes,
Your beautiful face Iíd always kiss,
I miss you so much my heart cries.

Happy Motherís Day again, Mother,
How I long to hand you roses,
And a precious card giving my love,
Wishes and all my supposes.

Forever in my heart do you live,
I still see your face and sweet smile,
Just to hold you close how Iíd love you,
Oh itíd be grand a little while.

You know Mother, I just miss you so,
It seems like only yesterday,
We were together talking Ďbout things,
You telling me Iíd feel this way.

I remember you so beautiful,
How the scent of a rose touched you,
The love of you bloomed in everyone,
And forever in my heart too.

I wish you a Happy Motherís Day,
My love to you is for always,
One day we will be close once again,
Mother, Iíll love you all my days.

©Sondra McPherson
22 April 2006

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Music: "For Mama"
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