~ An Hour With You~


Moonlight and Memories

I love to be in the night's moonlight,
Searching all the glittering stars,
Dreaming memories to be for me,
You'll be mine and make love all ours.

I feel a gentle breeze brush my face,
Like a special touch from a love,
Embracing me sweetly is my dream,
And love to be from God above.

Soft is the bright moonlight to dance in,
My heart so longs dreaming of him,
My love to be is a chosen one,
And I'll be his one cherished gem.

The moon glimmers a brilliance blazing,
With warm glows dancing romance through,
And I'm dreaming of me in your arms,
My heart and love reaches for you.

Moonlight and memories will be ours,
We're destined to be together,
Dancing in the moon's dreamy treasures,
We'll be in love like no other.

Sondra McPherson
April 2, 2004
Dedicated to My Daughter



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