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Moonlight Angel Dance

Have you ever had the experience to see
The beautiful Angel Dance
The lovely angel comes out to dance
On lovely bright moonlight nights

She swirls and swirls around
On the sweet dew covered grass
Humming a happy jubilant tune
Singing a song of great love and comfort

Sprinkling love on everything
That she can see in her path
On the beautiful summer flowers
Which makes them twinkle, sparkle and shine

Wings that glisten in the bright moonlight
Her beautiful midnight blue gown
Which almost matches the beauty of the night
She has lovely blue eyes twinkling like the stars

Her dance brings out the cute little bunnies to play
The mommies, daddies and baby bunnies
All standing and dancing around in a row
Watching the miraculous beauty

Of the Moonlight Angel Dance

Donna J. Kramer
May 20, 2004

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Music: "I Want To Be Like Jesus"

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