~ An Hour With You~

Mom, I Forgive You

What I really wanted,
was a mothers loving touch,
a caring, gentle kind of love,
would have meant so much.

My mother didn't want me,
what she wanted was a son,
she already had a daughter,
and her love I never won.

She had her girl,
and had her boy,
and for that fact,
I brought no joy.

She filled my life,
with pain and tears,
but somehow I managed,
to get through the years.

You can't possibly imagine,
what I went through,
unless by chance,
it happened to you.

My mom became ill,
and worsened each day,
and on her death bed,
these words I did say.

I know you didn't love me,
but I really did love you,
I totally forgive you,
and hope you know it's true.

I wish we could start over,
so I could feel your loving touch,
a sweet embrace, a gentle hug,
but I guess I ask too much.

©Rebecca Ann Rence
October 23 2004





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