Missing You

Just lying here with my paper and pencils
Thinking about how much I miss you
Sometimes I miss you so much
I just don't know what I am going to do

I miss your sweet smile
That radiates out so bright
The twinkle in your beautiful eyes
That I bet could almost light up the night

The way you were always there
Whenever I needed a friend
The sound of your sweet voice
Giving me a feeling of comfort and joy

The goofy things we would say and do
Than giggle and laugh with great jubilation
Like to little kids in a candy store
Which was so much fun for me and you

Just wanted to let you know
I miss the fun we shared
And let you know from my heart
How very much I am missing you

Donna J. Kramer
July 9. 2003


Music: Here, There And Everywhere

Permission Granted
By: Jack Hall


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